Divorce Education/Co-Parenting


Divorce is tough. Its debris is painful and can have a devastating affect on both parents and children. If parents are unable to work together for the good of the child, the child can suffer life-long problems. Our hope is reconciliation, but if that isn’t possible we want to help you minimize the debris for your family.

In November of 2014, Oklahoma legislators passed HB2249 which requires parents who are divorcing for reasons of incompatibility and who have children under 18, to attend an educational program concerning the impact of divorce on children. Our Divorce Education/Co-Parenting class meets the requirements outlined in the bill.

Program Topics

  • Short-term and long-term effects of divorce on child well-being
  • Effects of family violence on children
  • Child behaviors and emotional states during and after divorce
  • How to respond to the child’s needs
  • Communication strategies to reduce conflict
  • Cooperative co-parenting
  • Reconciliation as an optional outcome
  • What to do in cases of child abuse or family violence

How it Works

The Divorce Education/Co-Parenting class is presented as an interactive, four-hour workshop. Parents can attend the workshop separately. Upon successful completion of the workshop, parents will receive a certificate of completion. Attendance for the full four hours is required to receive the certificate. Children are not allowed to attend the class, however childcare is available.

Our Divorce Education/Co-Parenting class is designed for parents who are raising children between two households. The program is designed for single parents, step parents, and extended family members. It is also open to grandparents and anyone who cares about kids in divorced or remarried families. The program promises to be life-changing for parents walking the complex path of co-parenting after divorce and in remarriage. We will be using the ONE HEART, TWO HOMES curriculum as the instructional piece of the program.

Classes will include four hours of instruction and will be presented in 1 four hour session. Classes will include a program fee of $39.95 with meals or $49.95 with meals and family child care.

  • Communicate effectively and assertively with your ex
  • Refrain from arguing with your ex especially in front of your children even on the phone
  • Do not use your child as a messenger or spy
  • Do not encourage your children to play one parent against the other
  • Do not put pressure on your children by placing restrictions on what your child can tell your ex
  • Do not criticize your ex in the presence of your children
  • Mentally begin to redefine your relationship with your ex

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