ReSTART (small group)

Re-Support, Teach And Reach Together: Where the Network becomes small

This program was designed to provide support for the millions of single parents in the United States who are looking for answers and success strategies to single parenting and raising their children. It is where we connect with you through a small support group.

“There are approximately 13.6 million single parents in the United States today, and those parents are responsible for raising 21.2 million children (approximately 26% of children under the age of 21 in the U.S. today).” – U.S. Census Bureau

Recent studies have shown that there is a trend between children raised in single parent homes and high incarceration rates (Bush, et al. 2000).

There are multiple explanations for this including the instability of a divorce process, missing father figures in the home, custody battles, abandonment feelings, and inconsistency experienced by the hectic schedule maintained by a working parent trying to balance everything on their own. Although many parents’ desire is to make the best life possible for their children, they simply do not have the information or resources to accomplish this to the fullest. Both parent and child suffer due to a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration from both sides because of a breakdown in communication. Without education, mediation, or the workshops and accountability on how to improve their own lives while coping with the stress of single parenting, children of these parents will see an unstructured life and model the behavior as theorized by Albert Bandura. Likewise, single parents often feel overwhelmed by the large amount of balancing required in their lives and have difficulty finding a way to relieve them through talk therapy or relaxing with others in like situations.

With a solid education on how to stabilize their lives financially, personally, and work wise, parents can bring much needed stability into their homes to assure their children’s healthy development and transition into adulthood. They can likewise, impart this knowledge to their children, thus continuing the healthy habits into the next generation.

The comprehensive program can be completed in 18 months, or worked at a pace comfortable for the group, and covers the A-Z’s of life for single parents.

Location and times for community groups:

Mondays: NW OKC
Dinner from 6-7pm
Group from 7-8pm
Onsite childcare provided at Grace United Methodist Church, 6316 N Tulsa Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Tuesdays: Central Oklahoma Healthy Start (closed group to participants of CHCIOKC)
Lunch from 1-2pm
Group from 2-3pm
Onsite childcare provided at Central Oklahoma Healthy Start: 3017 N. Martin Luther King Ave
To participate in this group you must be enrolled in the Central Oklahoma Healthy Start program. For more information call 405 427-3200 or visit

Wednesdays: Midwest City
Dinner from 5-6pm
Group from 6-7pm
Onsite childcare provided at Meadowood Baptist Church: 2816 N Woodcrest Dr, Midwest City, OK 73110


The Core ReSTART manual can be used as a stand alone model over a 12 week period and includes the following sessions:

  • Session One: Broken Pieces
  • Session Two: What Hurts? Identifying Personal Hurts and the Hurts of Your Children
  • Session Three: Getting Organized
  • Session Four: Anger & Communication
  • Session Five: Resources for Children
  • Session Six: Launching a New Journey
  • Session Seven: Family Road Map
  • Session Eight: How to use the Road Map
  • Session Nine: Launching Out on the New Journey
  • Session Ten: Parenting Through Change
  • Session Eleven: Family Finances
  • Session Twelve: Resources & Support

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