Queen For A Day

Our next Queen For A Day, #Q4AD, is scheduled for September 26, 2015. We would like to help you honor an employee/friend/sister who happens to be a single mom. We have celebrated single moms with this event since 2002 and our goal is to honor hardworking moms, and help them feel appreciated.

If you know a widow, divorced mother, a foster or adoptive single mom, a single grandmother or any other female family member raising children alone, a mother whose spouse is gone away for an extended period of time (TDY or deployed), a mother whose spouse is ill for an extended period of time, co-parenting mother or a mother who has never married, then the Queen For A Day event is the perfect venue to inspire, honor, encourage and empower them to further success. Take a minute to nominate them for the event. Click here to nominate.

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A book of inspirational single parent stories.
Included are inspiring stories from national figures like author Anne Lamott, the parents of Extreme Home Makeover's Ty Pennington and author Donald Miller; prominent Oklahomans like Governor Mary Fallin, Sheriff John Whetsel, General Rita Aragon, Councilman Ed Shadid, and Oklahoma Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Director Jan Dunham as well as everyday single parents with powerful stories of survival through hardships like breast cancer or losing a home during the May 20th tornado.

A must-read for every mother, father, grandparent, step-parent, or anyone else who ever has or will be involved in the process of raising children. You don’t have to be single to be encouraged by the depth and width of these parents’ love for their sons and daughters.

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Featured Wingspan Story

Few women ever rise to the rank of colonel in the Air Force, and fewer still come from the humble beginnings of Stella Smith. Col. Smith has traveled the world, met heads of state, dined in palaces and is currently responsible for more than fifteen hundred airmen and twenty-seven airplanes. But of all the leaders she’s met, it’s her mother who earns her greatest respect and admiration.

Stella’s father abandoned her and her mother Moya when Stella was only a few months old.

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ReSTART Program

This program was designed to provide support for the millions of single parents in the United States who are looking for answers and success strategies to single parenting and raising their children.

This is a small group environment where we support each other through the hard times and celebrate through the good times. The program covers the A-Z’s of life for single parents. The Core ReSTART manual can be used as a stand alone model over a 12 week period of time or worked at a pace that works for the members of each group.

Currently serving the communities of Midwest, Mustang, and NW OKC.

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Parents’ Day Out

Do you need a break? If so, we've got good news for you! We are giving you a Parents' Day Out, the 3rd Saturday of each month. Use our calendar to sign up now. Space is limited.

Member's Cost: $10.00 per child or $20.00 per family. Non Member's Cost: $10.00 per child or $30.00 per family. Children will receive breakfast, lunch, snack, and activities.

Featured “For The Cause”

In our efforts to help promote a proactive approach to parenting for the best results, we want to highlight Little Light Ministries for promoting the cause of successfully raising the next generation.

Learn more at It's All Bling For The Cause

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