About us

Is a single parent you know drowning? Are you a single parent who is overwhelmed or starting over? We offer a hand up…not a hand out! Single parents who are drowning do not drown by themselves – their children are casualties too. The Single Parent Support Network exists to help the drowning emerge, the strong become stronger and our network is full of restored lives.


To encourage, educate and empower single parents to rise up and successfully lead their families to become contributing and productive citizens in our communities.


Empowering single parents to grow successful families and build strong communities.


In 2002, Single Parent Support Network’s (SPSN) framework was memorialized in writing by the founder, Rhonda Thomas.  As several years flew by, the first Queen for A Day event was held in September with the help from Kathy & Roger Smith, thus noting SPSN’s signature event for years to come.  In 2007, SPSN informally began support groups for single parent families in the Oklahoma City metro.  Monthly outings for single parent families were created in addition to those support groups in 2009.  During 2010, SPSN’s signature event “Queen for A Day” honored over 300 single mothers and grandmothers and attained 60 single parent family memberships to the Single Parent Support Network.  During 2011, life coaching sessions began, professional group counseling  sessions were launched as well as after school tutoring for children of single parent families.

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