Adopt a Single Parent Family

Adopt a Single Parent Family 

Mentoring One Family at a Time.
YOU Can Become A Mentor!

The purpose of the “adopt a single parent family” mentoring program is to provide a foundational model for mentorship, accountability, and education for the single parent family. These families in partnership with two parent families will learn how to write out a vision for their lives and walk it out over time with accountability.

Relationship… mentorship…building and strengthening families.

Adoptive Families are encouraged to:

§  Connect once a week, being accessible to provide guidance, support, encouragement, and situational brain-storming

§  Meet once a month for one-on-one connection at either home or at any other designated location (or join the Single Parent Support Group outing once a month)

§  Encourage single parent families to connect with a local church or support organization

§  Suggest resources, materials, tools, etc. as needed to empower the single parent family to be successful

§  Attend the mentorship training

§  Attend one major event and outing a year

§  Attend the volunteers banquet

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