Our Mission


Our mission at the Single Parent Support Network is empowering single parents to lead successful families and build strong communities.



Our vision is that all children living in a single parent home will become productive contributing members of society.



  • To encourage, educate and empower single parents to rise up and successfully lead their families to become contributing and productive citizens in their communities.
  • To provide the framework for a mentoring and support program for single parents and their children.
  • To coach the families in setting goals and writing a vision for their family and equipping them with the skills to execute their vision, mission and family guiding principles.
  • To provide a life coach accountability partner for single parents and their children.

To provide businesses wit support for their single parents.



The Single Parent Support Network principle strategies include:

  • Support Groups, Conferences, bringing nationally and locally-renowned single parent speakers as keynote presenters at events.
  • Support Groups, Seminars and training programs, such as ReSTART (Re-Supporting, Teaching, and Reaching Together).
  • One on One consultations.
  • Resources services.
  • An Annual scholarship award program for parents and children.
  • Provide training for organizations that are establishing and leading Single Parent Chapters.


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