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In the heart of every single parent and in the heart of every child lies a treasure of dreams, gifts and talents waiting to be discovered…

A Single Parent Defined………………

A Single parent is anyone raising children alone.

  • A widow or widower raising their children
  • A divorced parent raising their children
  • A biological mom who is raising her children
  • A biological dad who is raising his children
  • A foster or adoptive single parent that is raising children
  • A single grandparent or other family member raising children
  • A parent whose spouse is incarcerated
  • A parent whose spouse is gone away for an extended period of time
  • A parent whose spouse is ill for an extended period of time
  • A parent who was never married
  • A woman who was a victim of rape
  • A single parent who has chosen artificial insemination as a way to have a child
  • Surrogacy

Do you know of anyone that fits any of these descriptions?


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