We offer the following classes:

anger 1

Anger management: a 4 week course that includes a $25.00 to $50.00 income-based course fee.

One technique for controlling anger is finding agreement with another person rather than conflict. The use of deep breathing and meditation can be used as a means of relaxation. Other interventions include learning empathy, stress management skills, forgiveness, changing how you speak about yourself or others and improving optimism.

As the issue of anger varies from person to person, the classes are designed to be personal to the individual.

Mom and daughter

Parenting: a 4 week course that includes a $25.00 to $50.00 income-based course fee.

Week 1-Roots: giving your love roots making for a love-filled, safe home

Week 2-Discipline: 2 homes, follow through, charts, spanking, and all things discipline

Week 3-Wellness: Parent and child wellness

Week 4-Time management and a balanced home


Divorce Education: includes four hours of instruction and will either be presented in 2 two hour sessions or 1 four hour session. Classes will include a program fee of $39.95 with meals or $49.95 with meals and family child care. Learn to Co-Parent the healthy way.

Divorce Education or Co-Parenting program is designed for parents who are raising children between two households. The program is designed for single parents, step parents, and extended family members. It is also open to grandparents and anyone who cares about kids in divorced or remarried families.

The program promises to be life-changing for parents walking the complex path of co-parenting after divorce and in remarriage. We will be using the ONE HEART, TWO HOMES curriculum as the instructional piece of the Co-Parenting program.

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