Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a weekly support and accountability program for single parents and their families. This program is conducted via teleconference in a small group setting with a qualified facilitator or professional. This allows the single parent the opportunity to learn the life skills necessary for successful parenting and personal development.

Here are some of  the topics covered in this program:

Finding your Family Identity                                        Parenting for success

Anger Management                                                       Self Esteem/Emotional Healing

Be Transformed                                                               Financial Management

Health and Nutrition                                                       Intentional Sexuality

Dealing with guilt and shame                                      How to talk to your kids

Boundaries                                                                         Career Guidance

Emotional healing – Self Esteem                               Dating/Relational pitfalls

Relating to your teenager                                            Consumer to Creator series

Discovering and developing the gifts in your children

Life coaching is for everyone and can include your older children as you see appropriate.

7 Habits of Soul Healthy Singles  –

The 7 Habits of Soul Healthy Single is a guide through emotional healing for hurting souls. Men and women

10 week series – $39.00/mo

I’m Not Your Friend, I’m Your Parent – Successful Single Parenting –

A journey to understand your role as a parent and a guide to successfully train your children.  Men and women

8 week series – $39.00/mo

Living your Happiest & Healthiest Life – What’s age got to do with it?

Living life out loud with excitement and energy.  Women only

9 week series – $39.00/mo

Purpose & Destiny-

This spiritual journey is for men and women and older kids as they take a look in the mirror and begin an inventory of their life.  There are 10 “P” tests

The Pride Test, The Pit Test, The Palace Test, The Purity Test, The Prison Test, The Pardon Test, The Prophetic Test, The Power Test, The Prosperity Test, The Purpose Test

Men,women and teens.

10 week series – $39.00/mo

The Slight Edge –

 – coming soon

Why is it that some people make dream after dream come true, while others just continue dreaming and spend their lives building dreams for someone else? One simple reason, those that are “successful” have found their SLIGHT EDGE! The Slight Edge simply shows you how to create powerful results from the simple daily activities of your life, by using tools that are already within you.

Men, Women  and teens

12 week series – $39.00/mo

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